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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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Herschel Science Archive

  • HIPE will now store username and password in encrypted form outside of properties files (if so requested -- one can also choose not to store the username and password). In any case, it is recommended to remove HSA username and password from all properties files.

Calibration sources

  • All SED models for asteroid observations have been added to the ESAC database.
  • The Calibrators data has been reformatted, so that spectra are now stored as SimpleSpectrum objects, allowing them to be viewed with standard HIPE spectrum tools.

Products and datasets

All products

  • Removed the legacy diff methods from Product and Dataset interface. All functionality moved into ProductDiff class which is available as part of the utility toolbox (herschel.ia.toolbox.util)
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Product Access Layer

  • A "Cache" entry was added to the HIPE Preferences. Under this entry, a panel is shown with an overview of all existing caches on the system. One can also clear out these caches from this panel.
  • Product Browser: A simplified Observations tab was added, that allows user to list all observations on local disk, just by hitting the Run button. The data source selector has also been re-designed to be more flexible and intuitive.


  • General clean up of tasks:
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Virtual Observatory

  • Explicit support for DS9 was added. Right-clicking on a product will now show "SAOImage DS9" always, even if it is not running. In previous versions, DS9 had to be running for the menu item to appear. Requires DS9 version 5.3 or greater.
  • Upgrade to JSAMP 1.3, which targets version 1.3 of the SAMP protocol.
  • Improved GUI feedback using the HIPE progress bar when sending and receiving data.
  • The connection to the VO is now automatically established on HIPE start-up, to improve usability.


Sometimes, especially when a user has a shaky internet connection, an installation might fail in such a way that the local (in the user's machine) repository of hcss libraries might get corrupted. The workaround that existed so far can be found in the known issued page in: http://herschel.esac.esa.int/twiki/bin/view/Hcss/KnownIssuesHipeInstaller#Installer_fails_with_a_zip_error. The solution in short was to remove the local repository and all existing HIPE installation and start over. However a new solution that hopefully solves this issue has been implemented in 8.0. We know that bad proxy setup, hardware issues in routers can cause packet loss even in TCP. Such loss should always result in a file which is smaller than actually intended. Normally such a situation should result in an exception, but with packet loss in e.g. a router this will go unnoticed and a normal EOF completes the transmission. However, the resulting ZIP file will then always fail to unzip. The installer has been modified to extract the content-length from the HTTP header and validate the number of bytes actually received and raise an exception if such thing takes place. Moreover, a better exception reporting has been implemented to give more information on the basic cause of the exception. Finally the user installer reports the estimated time of completion while installing to give a rough feeling to the user.

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