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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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  The Average Spectra module no longer supports the bandEdge parameter. This parameter was used only for the module's defunct outlier rejection functionality, and so it is no longer needed. Please ensure that your scripts do not use this parameter.

Spectrum Flux Calibration

The Flux Calibration module has been replaced by two modules, the Point Source Flux Calibration module and the Extended Source Flux Calibration module. References to SpecFluxConversionTask should be replaced with SpecPointFluxConversionTask or SpecExtendedFluxConversionTask. Read more in the pipeline specification manual at Spectrum Point Source Flux Calibration and Spectrum Extended Source Flux Calibration.

Spectral Unit and Unit-Flexibility

It is now possible to specify the spectral unit of the initial spectra. The Fourier Transform module (FourierTransformTask) now accepts an optional spectralUnit string parameter to specify the desired output spectral unit. For example, if spectralUnit='GHz', then the output spectra will be in units of V/GHz versus GHz. If no unit is specified, the output spectra will be in units of V/(1/OPD_UNIT) versus 1/OPD_UNIT (the OPD unit is typically cm).

To accommodate this new feature, all spectral modules now accept spectra and calibration data products in any unit of wavenumber or frequency. For example, if a module is provided with spectra in units of V/GHz versus GHz and a calibration product in units of cm-1, then the cm-1 calibration product will be converted to GHz, and the output spectra will be in GHz.

Bright Source Mode

Two modules have been created for processing bright source mode observations: the PCAL Gain module (SpecApplyPcalGainTask) and the Bright Mode Gain module (SpecApplyBrightGainTask). Both of these modules are in the new herschel.spire.ia.pipeline.spec.gain package. The PCAL Gain module computes the ratio of a measured PCAL flash level separation to the mean PCAL flash separation measured on Dark Sky in Nominal Mode. The Bright Mode Gain module computes and then applies a wavenumber-dependent gain factor for observations which have been made using the Bright Source Mode.


Interactive Analysis and Tools


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