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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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 Jython major upgrade. The version of Jython on which HIPE is based has been upgraded from 2.1 to 2.5.2. You may have to adapt your scripts for them to work with the new version. See this page for the details.



Variables View

  • Added contextual menu action "Show contents" to show the contents of a variable in the console.
  • Added contextual menu action "Send To -> Text File" to save the contents of TableDatasets in files.



Status bar

The maximum memory level reached is indicated with a vertical line in the memory bar. The tooltip shows the actual reached value, and allows to reset it so that further computations can record its own maximum.

Editors & Views

Variables View
  • Added contextual menu action Show contents to show the contents of a variable in the console.
  • Added contextual menu action Send To -> Text File to save the contents of TableDatasets in files.

Product Viewer
  • The title (product's description) can be selected and copied.
  • The expanded sections can be resized, for example to show more metadata rows.
  • The summary of the Observation Viewer has been enriched with useful metadata of the observation being shown.
  • Products can be saved directly from the tree with the Sent To action of the popup menu, without needing to create an intermediate variable.

Jython Editor
  • The supported Jython language has been upgraded from version 2.1 to 2.5.2.

Help & Debug

  • The Tip of the day contains information on the Console meta commands (those starting with !)
  • If you get temporary (or permanent) freezes in the HIPE GUI, or you have created a custom task dialogue or view in HIPE, you can debug it by enabling the corresponding preference in Edit > Preferences > General > Debug. Any problem can be reported like previously, with the HSC Helpdesk or Give Feedback options of the Help menu.


 A utility is provided to disable all plug-ins without having to start HIPE. This can be convenient when you know or suspect that a plug-in causes HIPE not to start. The utility is called disable_plugins and is located in the bin directory of the installation.

You can use the Plug-ins panel (from the Tools menu) to re-enable your plug-ins.



If there is a new user release available, HIPE would notice it and offer to install the new version.


PlotXY is now able to display images (i.e. 2D data). Look at an advanced example here.
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