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What's coming up in HIPE 8

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 PlotXY is now able to display images (i.e. 2D data). Look at an advanced example here.


TablePlotter can display plot with Date/Time format.


OverPlotter can display plot with Date/Time format.

Dataset viewer

Astronomical utilities

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Engineering Conversion

Common Pipeline

The default value for reconstruction in the sigmaKappa deglitcher is changed to "DIRECT".

Photometer Pipeline

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 The Average Spectra module no longer supports the bandEdge parameter. This parameter was used only for the module's defunct outlier rejection functionality, and so it is no longer needed. Please ensure that your scripts do not use this parameter.

Interactive Analysis and Tools

The following new features are introduced in Hipe 8:
  • Level 2 deglitching is available through setting l2DeglitchRepeat parameter.
  • The 5 individual output parameters are combined to one ArrayList parameter where each of 5 parameter can be retrieved base on its position.
  • The new diagnostic product is introduced which provides with useful diagnostic information.
  • Both Tod and TodBuffer are acceptable input for Tod parameter.
  • The input parameter "array" now is MANDATORY.
  • Pixel size can be changed through setting pixelSize parameter.
  • brightSource parameter is changed to boolean.
  • A boolean parameter, "fitWithWeight" is introduced.
  • Interruption is added so that the destriper can be terminated at the user's request.
  • Tod files stored in temporary directory are available until Hipe is terminated.
  • The destriper speed is increased 30%.
  • The input parameter name "Level1" changed to "level1".
  • The input parameter name "Tod" changed to "tod".
  • The input parameter name "L2DeglitchRepeat" changed to "l2DeglitchRepeat".



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