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What's New in HIPE 6

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Spectrometer Pipeline


New Module: spire_ia_pipeline_spec_util

This module contains helper classes used in the SPIRE spectrometer pipelines.


This task removes or retains a list of channels from an SDT, SDI, or SDS.


This task removes out-of-band spectral components from an input SDS. The input SDS will be modified and returned as output.


This task determines the characteristics of an observation, namely point numbers, jiggle numbers, resolution, and building blocks IDs, and places them into a SpecObsContents dataset.


This task makes all interferograms in an SDI have an OPD range consistent with the commanded resolution, truncating the data if necessary.


This task merges multiple SDIs and NHKTs into a single SDI and NHKT.


Interactive Analysis and Tools


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