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What's New in HIPE 6

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Quality control

  • QCR Browser should allow to perform bulk actions on several qc reports simultaneously
    • This includes: Generate QC Summary directly as a menu option
  • Show metadata proCaveats in the browser
  • Operator can assign different colors to the quality flags

Systematic product generation

  • SPG GUI can now launch OD preprocessing ( Missing TM , Events Log , HK products )
  • Connect to database only when needed, releasing this resource otherwise
  • Extended process:
    • Re-process feature for SYSTEMATIC and ON_DEMAND when the original data is obsolete
    • Cancel the OC ingestion if the process throws an Error or Exception.
    • Limit the number of obs. being processed
    • Memory management in operation's environment for subordinate jobs
  • On-demand pipelines must be able to process any observation with the latest auxiliary and calibration data

Bulk specific tool:

  • Operator can now re-execute individual jobs
  • Ability to launch one of 2 parallel mode obsids

Data input-output

Virtual Observatory

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