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What's New in HIPE 6

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Photometer Pipeline

Spectrometer Pipeline


NaiveProjectionTask replaces NearestNeighbourProjectionTask for spectral cube creation

Level2 spectral cubes are now generated by NaiveProjectionTask. NaiveProjectionTask creates spectral cubes by averaging flux values within each pixel. The execution speed of NaiveProjectionTask has been greatly improved - a set of high resolution spectra is now processed in approximately 10 seconds.

Browse product image for observations

Within Hipe, observations with spectral cubes (observations with multiple raster positions or jiggle positions) now display an image summarizing the cubes. The image consists of the median flux values for each pixel of the SLW and SSW unapodized cubes. For observations without spectral cubes (sparse observations, no jiggle), an image showing a plot spectra of the central detectors is displayed.

New Module: spire_ia_pipeline_spec_util

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