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Changes between HIPE 6.0.3 and 6.1

In preparation.
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Core system

  • Fixed a memory leak when opening and closing a window, such as an image display.
    <-- HCSS-12530 -->
  • Added warning for extra dashes inserted in PDF manuals.
    <-- HCSS-12510 -->
  • Updated the fitBaseline and smoothBaseline sections of the Data Analysis Guide.
    <-- HCSS-12467 -->
  • Fixed a problem that would prevent Spectrum Explorer from displaying HIFI Level 1 spectra.
    <-- HCSS-10285 -->


  • Fixed a wrong default parameter for the mkOffSmooth task.
    <-- HIFI-3906 -->
  • Fixed inaccuracies in the algorithm for WBS frequency calibration using the HRS
    <-- HIFI-3971 -->
  • Added calibration tables smoothOffWidth-H and smoothOffWidth-V with best values to use for the mkOffSmooth task.
    <-- HIFI-3922 -->
  • Fixed a plotting problem that would cause some FitHifiFringe masks to be displaced from bright lines.
    <-- HIFI-3719 -->
  • Fixed an error that occurred when applying PlotHifiSpectrum or PlotListOfSpectra directly to level0 WBS data,
    <-- HIFI-3935 -->
  • The HRS is now always processed to Level 0.5 if needed for WBS frequency calibration.
    <-- HIFI-3968 -->
  • Fixed a problem in Level0Plugin that would prevent the pipeline from quickly failing for observations with no data.
    <-- HCSS-3933 -->
  • Added to the HIFI User's Manual information on setting HSA username/password properties in HIPE.
    <-- HIFI-3967 -->


  • Fixed a problem that would cause the NAIFID of solar system objects to disappear from the metadata.
    <-- PACS-3476 -->
  • Updated calibration files to fix an offset between blue and red spectrometer coordinates.
    <-- PACS-3451 -->
  • Reduced the disk space needed to run the pacsphoto_pipeline.py and pacsspectro_pipeline.py scripts.
    <-- PACS-3446, PACS-3111 -->
  • Fixed a problem with selectSlices that would cause some tasks of the spectrometer pipeline to fail.
    <-- PACS-3450, PACS-3472 -->
  • Improved the L2_scanMapPhotProject.py and L1_scanMapPhotProject.py scripts, with changes affecting filtering size, masking and deglitching.
  • Updated slicedPlotPointing to work with unchopped data.
    <-- PACS-3475 -->
  • Status item GratingCycle now created for chopped and unchopped modes.
    <-- PACS-2840 -->
  • Fixed a problem that would cause filterOnScanSpeed to ignore the speed thresholds set by lowScanSpeed and highScanSpeed.


  • Many updates to the Merging_pipeline.py script.
    <-- SPIRE-2899 -->
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META TOPICPARENT name="HipeWhatsNew6x"
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Changes between HIPE 6.0.3 and 6.1

In preparation.

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