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What's New in HIPE 5.0

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Dataset viewer

Astronomical utilities

  • RadialVelocity now uses TimeCorrProduct to select pointing data
  • SSo now uses TimeCorrProduct to select pointing data
  • Improved documentation

Numeric routines

Data fitting

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Herschel Science Archive

  • Support for exporting data in packed HSA format.
  • Import and Export Views improvements:
    • better error reporting
    • file dialogs can show hidden files
    • versions of observations inside pools shown

Pipeline processing

  • Crated a daemon dispatcher mechanism.
  • Aliases set tool has been modified for performing the required verifications before a tag is ingested.
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  • HsaReadPool can retrieve product metadata directly.


  • Updated task sample code
  • Updated documentation:
    • wiki chapters
    • Javadoc of general tasks
    • Standarized _ doc _ of general tasks (signature, description, parameter descriptions)
  • Tasks View provides tooltips with the signature of the tasks
  • Examples of general tasks in the URM are now tested automatically
  • Compress and Decompress tasks: they support zip, tar, gzip, tgz in a portable way and compress can guess the compression of a file.
  • FitsReader supports compressed FITS files.

Quality control

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  • On-demand request are now recorded into a report file

Data input-output

  • Imporved error reporting in AsciiTableTool
  • FitsArchive
    • FITS Metadata direct access.
    • ESO Hierarch keyword implemented when reading FITS files.
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proCaveats PCAVEATS
    • FitsArchive allow flag for compression when saving FITS files.
    • FitsArchive support reading gzipped FITS files and compressed stream headers.
    • HeaderWriter exceptions have been modified to include more information.
    • Documentation updates.
    • JExamples automatic testing support.
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