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Spectrum tasks (HIFI specifics)

The task mkRms has been improved in order to better handle line masking when computing the statistics in spectra containing spectral lines. This will lead to very slight differences with the noise estimates reported in the pipeline products from 14.1.

On top of that, the task convertK2Jy has been upgraded so that it can take as source model an input file in the form of an image. This allows more complex and ad hoc source filling factor estimate in case the Gaussian or Disk approximation are not appropriate. See the Data Reduction Guide and task URM for more details.

HIFI Data Processing Tools

Standing Wave Removal

Baseline Removal

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See also examples in the task URM.
See also examples in the task URM.

HiClass export tool

The useful script explaining how to export HIFI data into Class with the hiClass task (SaveObsContextToClass.py) has been removed in 15. This is because HIFI FITS files as processed by HIPE 12 and later can now be directly read by Class, if one uses a Gildas installation later than October 2015 - see the following Manual. For HCSS products older than HIPE 12, we recommend to either use more recent products, or fall back on the hiClass export, using the documentation of the task as provided in its URM.

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