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What's New for HIPE 15.x

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  • The FitsArchive task will now write FITS files with header entries organised in categories. See the Data input-output section below for more details.
  • A new General Useful Script named Astrometry Thermoelastic Drift Correction has been introduced, allowing to perform a tentative astrometry correction for those observations taken under 'warm' attitude conditions (Star Tracker 2 temperature > -15 C) resulting in small pointing drifts.
  • 15.0.1: The documentation has been updated to reflect the changes to the Herschel Science Archive interface, which is now a web application instead of a Java application.
  • The task convertK2Jy has been upgraded in order to take as a new input parameter a model for the source brightness distribution shape.
  • A new task identifyLinesCatalog has been introduced, allowing to assign spectral species and transitions to a catalogue of spectral features passed as input.
  • The documentation has been revised to ensure a consolidated and conherent set of legacy manuals.
  • The masking of lines has been improved in the task mkRms.
  • 15.0.1: fitBaseline again takes into account flags added via the Spectrum Explorer
  • An update to the aperture corrections calibration file for photometry
  • A minor addition to the spectroscopy pipeline tasks (update of the Meta data "ra" and "dec" to all Level 2 cubes)
  • Information about extracting uncertainties from scan maps has been added to the PDRG for photometry (chp. 4)


  • 15.0.1: sourceTimelineFitter now ignores serendipity scans

Core system

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