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  • PlotXY no longer has an explicit way of forcing a batch of plotting statements. This is now done automatically and the script developer must not do anything special to take advantage of it.

Astronomical utilities

  • Gyro-based attitude reconstruction, see pdf.
  • Gyro-based attitude reconstruction, see the dedicated section in the Spacecraft and Observatory pages.
  • Special corrections in pointing products to handle S/C operational events have been included in the auxiliary processors. Namely, the corrections are:
    • STR switch-overs, i.e. changes from the usually prime star-tracker (STR1) to the backup unit (STR2)
    • Reset of the Spacecraft Velocity Vector (SVV) that is used by the STR to compute the aberration correction of the coordinates of guide stars.

For more  information please refer to the the dedicated section in the Spacecraft and Observatory pages.


Numeric routines


  • Temporal files for mapping are now created in a subdirectory: each HIPE session running will use a different subdirectory.
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  ParameterFactory added to easily create meta data parameters.
Several columns and meta-data keywords related to the gyro-based attitude reconstruction process have been added to the pointing product. See a brief description of the changes in the Spacecraft and Observatory pages.

Product Access Layer 

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