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  • Point source calibration for off-axis detectors corrected to account for the pointing of Uranus in the calibration measurements. Only affects the off-axis detectors. Centre detector point source calibration changes by less than 0.15%.
  • Unused Spatial Correction Coefficient product removed (was designed for use with the semi-extended correction tool, but never actually used).
  • The spectrometer bands are increased slightly in the overlap region and at the high frequency end of SSW:
    • Old bands: SLW: 446.7-989.4 GHz; SSW: 959.3-1544.0 GHz
    • New bands: SLW: 446.7-1018.0 GHz; SSW: 944.0-1568.0 GHz
  • The extended calibration is not changed from spire_cal_12_2 (apart from wider bands).
  • The Low resolution point-source calibration is changed by <5% (before OD1000) and <2.7% (after OD1000) to bring it into line with the High resolution calibration. This was achieved by correcting for the pointing offset of Uranus during the calibration observations. The effect is to reduce the flux density of the final spectra. Changes are greatest for SSWD4 at high frequency, and smallest for SLWC3 (~1% for SLW).
  • The High resolution point-source calibration has also been adjusted using improved corrections for the pointing offset of Uranus in the calibration observations. The effect for SSWD4 is ~2.5% before OD1000, and 0.8% after OD 1000. For SLWC3, the effect is <0.8% before OD1000 and <0.1% after OD1000. The effect is to increase the flux density in the final spectra.
  • A small correction has been made to the point-source calibration for off-axis detectors for observations made before OD1000.
  • The frequency grid for the beam profile shape been updated to match exactly that used in Makiwa et al. (2013, Applied Optics, 42, 3864) - this gives slightly better coverage at the edges of the new bands. The shapes themselves do not change.

Calibration Framework

  • New SPIRE Calibration Automatic Updater introduced: it runs during HIPE startup and notifies the user if a new calibration tree is available. The tool allows also the installation of the new calibration tree.
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