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Numeric routines

Data fitting

  • Increased robustness in the case of fitting in the presence of heavy outliers.

Data interpolation

Random numbers


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HIFI Pipeline

hifiPipeline task

  • Added a quality flag that is raised when doDeconvolution cannot complete in the Level 2.5 pipeline

Level 0 Pipeline

WBS Pipeline

HRS Pipeline

Level 1 Pipeline

  • Addition of a task to allow comparision of emission in DBS chop positions, !mkDbsReference task. Differences the chop positions in all DBS observations and after applying the band-pass correction stores them in a product in calibration->pipeline-out called ReferenceSpectra. You may configure the task to average the differenced spectra together (a resampling is automatically done) and to resample the spectra yourself.

Level 2 Pipeline

Level 2.5 Pipeline

HIFI Products

  • HifiUplinkProduct format changed to a table dataset (easier to read)

HIFI Spectrum Toolbox

Spectrum Explorer (HIFI specifics)

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Standing Wave Removal

Baseline Removal


  • Added a 'BRIGHT_LINE' toggle. If enabled, doDeconvolution will ignore data set with this channel flag. Useful for preventing `ghosts' of bright lines caused by the iterative nature of the deconvolution algorithm. You need to manually mask these lines using, for example, flagTool.
  • Plotting output has been cleaned up and simplified.
  • doDeconvolution now gracefully exits whenever it fails to process an observation (occurs only for the most troublesome of data and is rare).

Spectral Cube creation


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