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What's new in HIPE 10

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Spire Dataset

  • New =DestriperDiagnosticProduct is added.

Calibration Products

Calibration Framework

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Engineering Conversion

Common Pipeline

  • SigmaKappaDeglitcherTask
    • Added a diagnosticDetector task parameter for diagnostic purpose
    • All the long task parameters are shortened
    • The parameter types for detectGlitches, detectLargeGl and repairGlitches parameters are changed to Boolean.

Photometer Pipeline

  • New zeroPointCorrection task for cross-calibration with Planck HFI maps. This can only be run at the HSC until the HFI maps are made public. The output maps are included in the Level-2 context.
  • New ssoMotionCorrection task to produce modified Level-1 timelines adjusted to the reference frame of the moving object. Additional maps are created from this timeline and included in the Level-2 context.
  • DestriperTask
    • Added the minVel, maxVel, chanNoise and method task parameters to be in synch with naive mapper.
    • Added useOnlyMasks and ignoreDefaultMasks task parameters in synch with map mapper.
    • Added jumpThresh and jumpIter task parameters for jump detections.
    • Two second level deglitch algorithms are added, sigma-kappa and two sigmas
    • The startParameters type changed to DestriperDiagnosticProduct.
    • The meta data in startParameters has been changed to include all requirement meta keywords.

  • SpireMaskEditor
    • SpireMaskEditor is deleted
    • Level1SpireMaskEditor is added to display/edit mask flags for Level1 data
    • Level0_5SpireMaskEditor is added to display/edit mask flags for Level0_5 data

Spectrometer Pipeline

Interactive Analysis and Tools

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