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HIPE Contributed Software

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 where "spectra" is, as the instructions above make clear, a simple list of all the SimpleSpectra that you want to combine. The output is a Spectrum1d, where the first spectrum in the list is the first segment of the Spectrum1d, the second spectrum is the second segment, and so on. It does not matter in what order your spectra are as you add them. Various Meta data are copied from the input spectra to the output spectrum. Note that it is expected that the PACS spectra are in units of micrometer vs. Jy.

The SPIRE part


The SPIRE FTS part

The script prepSpireSpec.py provides the interface to combine the two SPIRE FTS spectra from the central detectors SSWD4 and SLWC3. The output of this procedure is one Spectrum1d with subsequent segment numbers for SSW (194-313 μm) and SLW (303-671 μm) arrays.

Here is the full description of the script:

        combine the two FTS arrays into one Spectrum1d object, 
            each FTS array will be with a different segment number
        result = prepSpireSpec(obsContext,startSegment=0,apod="unapodized",waveUnit=None,shiftS=0.0,shiftL=0.0)
        obsContext - a SPIRE FTS observation context, sparse spatial sampling only
        startSegment - the starting index of the segment, default is 0 => SSW will be segment 0, SLW will be 1.
        apod - one of "unapodized" (default) or "apodized", which variant of the spectra to use
        waveUnit - if None then use the default unit (wavenumbers in cm-1)
                 can be "micrometer" or "GHz" for the unit of the output spectrum.
        shiftS - a flux shift to be aplied to the SSW spectrum, i.e. to match with the photometry, in the same units as the flux
        shiftL - a flux shift to be applied to the SLW spectrum, i.e. to match with the photometry
        object of class Spectrum1d with the combined SSW and SLW spectra, each with a different segment number
        Created: Apr 2011, Ivan Valtchanov, HSC, ESAC, ESA, following interactions wth Katrina Exter
        v1.0 - Apr 2011

Here is the simplest call of the script

obs = getObservation(1342189124,useHsa=True) # public NGC7027 data in the HSA
allSpireSpectra = prepSpireSpec(obsContext,waveUnit="micrometer")


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 -- KatrinaExter - 01 Apr 2011 -- IvanV - 28 Mar 2011
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="script containing function to combine PACS and SPIRE point source spectra" date="1301677015" name="PACS-SPIRE_combine.py.txt" path="PACS-SPIRE_combine.py.txt" size="5048" user="Main.KatrinaExter" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="script containing functions to %22clean%22 and combine PACS spectra" date="1301676401" name="PACS_cleanAndcombine.py.txt" path="PACS_cleanAndcombine.py.txt" size="7747" user="Main.KatrinaExter" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="SPIRE FTS preparation of spectra" date="1302618127" name="prepSpireSpec.py.txt" path="prepSpireSpec.py.txt" size="4550" user="Main.IvanV" version="1"
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