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Known issues in HIPE 10.3

Problems seeing PACS error maps

This problem, reported in 10.3, but previously present too, is caused by the history dataset which is "hiding" the error. To resolve it, after running photCoverage2Noise task, give these commands:

history = image["History"]


image["History"] = history

Where the "image" is the product that you have been working on. This will append the history dataset at the end of the product and "solve" the problem. There will be a fix in place for this issue in HIPE 11.

Known issues in HIPE 10.2

None known in addition to those listed for HIPE 10.1.

Known issues in HIPE 10.1

Problems with the aberration correction for Solar System Objects in HIFI

There is a previously existing issue that has become important in some cases when processing Solar System Object observations in HIPE that affects all Level 2.5 HIFI map products. Ephemeris positions are calculated (and stored in the ra_centre/dec_centre columns) with a spurious correction for stellar aberration. This is being fixed but, until patched, the recommended doOffset approach to translate Level 2 coordinates to a co-moving frame (see the corresponding known issue below on this issue in HIPE 10.0) will lead to coordinate offsets that are off by ~10" on average (depending on the relative velocity between target and Herschel at observation time).

This is being fixed in HIPE 12 and it is expected that a patch will be made for HIPE 11 and, possibly, also patched in later releases of HIPE 10.

Known issues in HIPE 10.0

Can't open plug-ins panel under KDE or Gnome 3

The Plug-ins panel cannot be opened (from the Tools menu) if you're working under Linux and you don't have the Gnome 2 library installed. Gnome 2 is a desktop environment, and typically if you use a different desktop environment (Gnome 3, KDE, Unity, etc), then you will not have this library.

In both cases, the problem can be solved by installing the Gnome 2 library. For example on Ubuntu (or Kubuntu), the command is:

sudo apt-get install libgnome2-0

A patch is planned for this issue in HIPE 10.2.

Clicking on the 'plug-in' button to add the cassis plugin, nothing happens and you see multiple java exceptions

The "Desktop API", which is used to access the browser when you click "Find more.." button in the HIPE plugin dialogue, is not supported on KDE. It "was designed to work on Windows and Gnome". However, you can also open it directly by pointing your browser directly to http://herschel.esac.esa.int/twiki/bin/view/Public/DpHipePlugins, and copying the URL to the respective .jar files for the particular plugin you are interested in and pasting it in the HIPE plugins dialog to install it.

If you would like to have the "Find more.." button working, all you need is to have the Gnome libraries installed.

Some instructions: - To install Gnome 3 libraries on Ubuntu (http://www.filiwiese.com/installing-gnome-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/). Note that if you're using version 11.10 or later, you probably don't need the first command (sudo apt-add-repository ...). I would just skip it and if the last command does not complain about "package not found" or something similar, then all is well. - To install Gnome 2 libraries on Ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/123690/how-to-install-gnome2-on-ubuntu-11-10

A patch is planned for this issue in HIPE 10.2.

Pools unreadable with Unknown format version: -11 error

If you installed a developer build of HIPE 10 between 10.0.2069 and 10.0.2674 and modified any of your pools you will find those pools are no longer readable in any other HIPE version; when trying to load a pool with getObservation you will get the following error message:

herschel.ia.task.TaskException: Error processing getObservation task: Unknown format version: -11

See the Data Analysis Guide for a recovery procedure. You can download from this page the first and second script mentioned in the procedure. Change the extension from .py.txt to .py after downloading.

The WCS explorer for cubes does not work with PACS and SPIRE cubes

The WCS explorer does not work on cubes for which ImageIndex is used to specify the wavescale axis. This is true for SPIRE and PACS cubes. If crpix3, crval3 and cdelt3 are used instead, the WCS explorer works. To be fixed in HIPE 11.

Issues with reading text files from SExtractor or Topcat

While reading files from SExtractor or Topcat you may encounter the following issues:

  • Some SExtractor headers are not read successfully, due to an issue with the column position of units in the file header. Workaround: read the file with the tableType parameter set to SPACES. You can then fill any missing information by hand.
  • Some Topcat files are not read successfully, due to an issue with quoted cells with spaces. Workaround: export the data from Topcat in FITS format, then read the FITS file back into HIPE. For information about reading FITS files into HIPE, see the Data Analysis Guide.

Format change for exported variables

The file format of variables exported with File --> Session --> Export has changed in HIPE 10. This means that HIPE 10 will not be able to read session variables exported with HIPE 9, and vice-versa.
If you exported variables with HIPE 9 or a previous version, follow this workaround to read them in HIPE 10:

  1. Open HIPE 9 and import the exported variables with File --> Session --> Import.
  2. Set Save variables on exit in the Preferences dialogue window, under General --> Startup & Shutdown.
  3. Exit HIPE 9.
  4. Open HIPE 10. The variables shall be restored in the Variables view.
  5. Export the variables with the new format of HIPE 10, with File --> Session --> Export.

HIPE cannot send data to an external application via SAMP

When you try to send data to an external application via the SAMP Virtual Observatory protocol, the following window may appear:


The reason is that HIPE tries to send data before the external application has initialised properly. This issue seems to occur more frequently with VOSpec.

The solution is to send the data again without closing the external application.

Separate, undocked instances Cube Toolbox talk to each other

If you have two or more separate Spectrum Explorer GUIs open and at least one is undocked, when using its Cube Toolbox the separate SE instances talk to each other--spectra or new cubes you create in one instance will also appear in the other one.

New PACS calibration version 45 should not be used with HIPE 10

In HIPE 10 a new spectroscopy telescope background calibration was introduced. This update is not compatible with the code in HIPE 9.

You can alway check the calibration version that you are using with the following command:

print getCalTree().version

If you use HIPE 10, you should update to version 45 of the calibration tree to make use of several new calibration files.

Generating a co-moving frame for HIFI mapping observations of solar system objects

There is a task in HIPE that allows you to transform level-2 coordinates into a coordinate system co-moving with the target ephemeris. That task is called doOffset,


A typical code snippet would be:

comet = getObservation(1342227173, useHsa=True)

htp=comet.refs["level2"].product.refs["WBS-H-USB"].product # extract USB, pol H

htp2=doOffset(htp=htp, overwrite=0, relative=1) # make coordinates relative to ephemeris

HiClassTask()(product=htp2, fileName='cometHUSB_relativeCoords.fits') # export in CLASS-readable format

However, the target ephemeris inside HIPE doesn't get updated. I.e., doOffset uses the ephemeris current as of observation uplink to the spacecraft. Work is in progress to automatically update target ephemerids. If your target ephemeris was very uncertain at observation time (and if it has improved since), then you may be better off using a manual approach of downloading the Horizons ephemeris for each target.

Printing a HIPE script to a file in Snowleopard sends the job to a printer instead

When a user tries to print a script to a file on disk, HIPE sends it to the printer instead. A patch will be issued for this problem in HIPE 11 and a definitive fix included in HIPE 12.


Known issues in HIPE 9.2

New PACS calibration version 45 should not be used with HIPE 9

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