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Known issues in HIPE 9.2

New PACS calibration version 45 should not be used with HIPE 9

In HIPE 10 a new spectroscopy telescope background calibration was introduced. This update is not compatible with the code in HIPE 9.

If you use the background normalisation ipipe script for chopped spectroscopy in HIPE 9, you should not update the PACS calibration tree to version 45. You should keep using the calibration set 41 and cancel the update when the automatic calibration updater in HIPE asks to install set 45.

If you have updated to set 45 and want to use the background normalisation in HIPE 9, you can switch back to version 41 in two ways:

  • With the command getCalTree(version=41).
  • By removing the file PCalBase_TimeDependency_FM_v45.fits from the directory ~/.hcss/data/pcal-community.

You can alway check the calibration version that you are using with the following command:

print getCalTree().version

If you use HIPE 10, you should update to version 45 of the calibration tree to make use of several new calibration files.

Issues with computePVMap task

The computePVMap task has the following issues:

  • There are remaining aesthetic issues regarding the pvMap aspect ratio modification in the task.
  • There is a known error when extracting a pvMap with row < col (velocity dimension < spatial dimension). Workaround: set the correctAspectRatio parameter to False (in the graphical interface, untick the corresponding checkbox).

Known issues in HIPE 9.1

None known in addition to those listed for HIPE 9.0.

Known issues in HIPE 9.0

Performance issues of convolution task with NaN values

The performance of the imageConvolution task is severely degraded when NaN values are found in input data. HIPE 8.3 is not affected by this problem. Fixed in HIPE 9.1.

Performance issues with very large images

Images larger than about 100 MB in FITS format can still take over a minute to load. During such time HIPE is unresponsive. Image analysis operations, such as cropping and adding contours, also take a long time on large images.

Problem with PACS background normalization script

The ChopNodBackgroundNormalizationRange interactive pipeline script (Pipelines --> PACS --> Spectrometer --> Chopper large range scan SED --> Background Normalization) is missing a definition of the variable target. After loading the observation, assuming it is stored in a variable called obs, you can define the missing target variable as follows:

target = obs.meta["object"].value.replace(" ","_")

PACS task specFlatFieldLine problem with NaN values

The specFlatFieldLine task cannot handle NaNs in the fluxes of PacsCube products. This affected one observation as far as we tested. If you encounter this problem then you can mask the NaNs by running the function shown below. Copy and paste the function code in a new Jython script window in the Editor view of HIPE, then click the green double arrow icon in the HIPE toolbar to run the script. After that you can call the function from the Console view, passing the variable contaning your cube as argument: addInvalidMask(myCube).

def addInvalidMask(slicedCube):
    for i in range(0,slicedCube.numberOfSlices):
       cube = slicedCube.get(i)
       invalid = IS_NAN(cube.flux)
       if not cube.containsMask("INVALID"):
          cube.addMask("INVALID","Invalid signal values")

HIPE hangs when pressing the activate/deactivate button in the mask panel of the Spectrum Explorer PACS extensions

This button is enabled only when you change the state of one or more masks. Fixed in HIPE 9.1.

<-- PACS-4626 -->

Image analysis tasks start only from Applicable section

Image analysis tasks will open only from the Applicable folder of the Tasks view. These tasks will not open when selected from the All or By Category folders. Note that you must select an image variable in the Variables view for the Applicable folder to be filled with the available tasks. To be fixed in HIPE 10. The problem affects the following tasks:

  • annularSkyAperturePhotometry
  • circleHistogram
  • crop
  • ellipseHistogram
  • fixedSkyAperturePhotometry
  • polygonHistogram
  • profile
  • rectangleHistogram
  • rectangularSkyAperturePhotometry
  • sourceFitting

PV diagrams created with computePVMap on HIFI cubes cannot be easily viewed

HIFI cubes have in general a small number of rows and columns, while the spectral dimension is rather large (thousands of channels). The PV map is very narrow in the x direction and really wide in the y-direction, so that it does not fit in the Spectrum panel. When displaying the y-axis values, at its smaller zoom, only a small number of channels can be seen. Workaround: open the variable created from the variables pane and use the full Display/Image Viewer.

<-- use the old Cube Spectrum Analysis Toolbox, still available in HIPE 9. Legacy documentation is available in Appendix C of the Data Analysis Guide. For position-velocity diagrams, see subsection C.6.8.1.-->

HIPE crash linked to JAMA (Java Matrix) library

HIPE may crash without warning when executing parts of the bundled JAMA library. If you experience a sudden crash when running a script, this may be the cause, even if there are no obvious references to matrices in the script. Take the following steps to prevent the crash from happening:

  1. Go to the .hcss directory in your open directory. Open the hipe.props file, or create it if it does not exist.
  2. Add the following line to the file:
    java.vm.options = -XX:CompileCommand=exclude,Jama/LUDecomposition,<init>
  3. Restart HIPE.

Problem with transpose task

In some cases the transpose task does not convert correctly the WCS of the input image. This problem occurs only when the WCS of the image defines the rotation angle (CROTA2). When the transformation matrix (PCx_y or CDx_y) is used, the problem does not occur. To be fixed in HIPE 10.

Velocity map creation in Legacy Cube Spectrum Analysis Toobox (CSAT) fails

The creation of velocity maps with the Legacy CSAT fails; the task will hang without an error message. CSAT is no longer supported and the new cube toolbox, which uses an improved algorithm for velocity map making, should be used instead. See 6.8.3 in the Herschel Data Analysis Guide for information about using the new cube toolbox.

Flag set in HIFI's flagTool task do not appear to be used by the fitBaseline task

This is a display issue only, the flags set by flagTool are, in fact, used.

PACS specific: convertL1ToScanam fails

convertL1ToScanam fails because of a missing import for the calibration tree, when assignRaDec is set to True. The work around solution is :

calTree = getCalTree(time=frames.startDate)

Fixed in HIPE 9.2.


Known issues in HIPE 8.3

None known in addition to those listed for HIPE 8.2.

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