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Installation and de-installation issues


Installer or start-up hang on Mac OSX and Java 1.6.0_51

Ticket number: HCSS-18288

    • Some users have found that the InstallAnywhere GUI hangs leaving all buttons frozen; this may happen either when installing, or when starting HIPE after an apparently successful installation. This appears to be due to a failed Apple java update and can, in principle, occur with any HIPE version. You can check for this issue following these steps:
    • How to detect a failed update. Run: /usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6 -exec java -version in a terminal. If the output includes "M4508" you have the bad update.
    • How to fix: Users need to manually download and install the Java update.
    • Apple support notes that "This update corrects an issue with Java applications failing to draw or respond to user input."

When installing only HIFI or PACS modules in HIPE you cannot transfer products from HSA to HIPE

  • Versions affected: HIPE 11.
  • Workaround: The current workaround is to install all modules even if you are not going to use them.
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  Resolution: Installers from HIPE 11.1 are generated with a newer version of InstallAnywhere that supports Mac OS 10.8 or later. Since HIPE 11.1 is the preferred operational version, this issue is archived.

HIPE 12 Archived Known Issues

computeVelocityTask plots absorption profiles as emission

Ticket number: HCSS-19133

Versions affected: HIPE 12.

Description: The computeVelocityTask in the Cube Analysis Toolbox returns and plots a fittedLineCube. This plot displays absorption profiles as emission, even if isEmission=False. The data returned is correct, but this plot must be disregarded.

Workaround: Simply disregard the plot generated by the task and trust the data stored in the fittedLineCube.

Problem with doGridding in rotated maps with HIFI

Ticket number: HIFI-5716

Versions affected: HIPE 12.0

Description: for maps taken with a non-zero orientation on the sky, the HIFI pipeline will generate two cubes: one non-rotated cube projected onto the Equatorial frame (cubesContext) and one rotated by the scanning orientation angle (cubesContextRotated). In HIPE 12.0 a bug was introduced that generates both cubes in the rotated frame.

Workaround: In order to generate non-rotated cubes you can apply the doGridding task on the level 2 products with the option flyAngle=1e-5 (for example - it is just a matter of using a very small, non-strictly zero, angle). The problem will be solved in 12.1.


Java 7 issues


Cursor position in the editor view is inaccurate in high-DPI (Retina) displays using Java 7 version

Ticket number: HCSS-18698
Versions affected: HIPE 12 or older
Description: The cursor position appears inside characters instead of between them.


From Java 7 Update 55, Oracle has fixed the issue. As the bundled JRE for HIPE 12 or older is Java 7 Update 45, to be able to benefit from the patch you must change the script that launches HIPE and point it to the Java 7 Update 55 or later installed at system level. To do that, edit the file HIPE_DIR/bin/_launch.sh and edit or delete the line(s) that export the PATH variable:

export PATH

NOTE: You should only delete the lines if you are completely sure that the default version of the system is Update 55 or later. In order to check if that is the case, you can execute java -version or /usr/libexec/java_home -V on the Terminal and then, after confirming the default version, use that path to update the _launch.sh file.


New security requirement in Java 7 causes the Herschel Science Archive application to fail at launch

Description: If you have a recently patched Java 7 installation (update 40 or later), a new security requirement in Java 7 that requires the JAR file to have a Permissions attribute, is no longer reported only (note the information message with a yellow background) as it was in previous versions:

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