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  Workaround: Use an older version of HIPE to adjust cut levels in images.

SUSSEXtractor returns many more sources for SPIRE maps from version 12.66 onwards

Ticket number: HCSS-18988 (Fixed from version 13.0.4920)

Versions affected: All versions of HIPE from build 12.0.66 to 13.0.4919 (both included).

Description: Running the SUSSEXtractor task on the same SPIRE maps using versions of HIPE from version 12.0.66 to 13.0.4919 returns 3-4 times the number of sources it returned previously with the same parameters (except the PRF grid size, which has increased internally from 5x5 to 13x13 pixels). The fluxes of the detected sources are also different and generally higher by around 5 percent.

Workaround: You can force SUSSEXtractor to produce the original results by imposing a 5x5 PRF grid size, as tests have concluded that the photometry of the results of this task for the versions affected is worse than before. SUSSEXtractor has reverted to the original 5x5 PRF from HIPE builds later than 13.0.4919.

Example script:

myImage = SimpleImage("your SPIRE map")
myPrf = PrfGaussian([myImage.getWidth(),myImage.getHeight()],5.0)
sourceList = sourceExtractorSussextractor( \
    image = myImage,        # Image name \
    prf = myPrf,            # 5x5 PRF \

HIPE 12 Archived Known Issues

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