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  Resolution: Installers from HIPE 11.1 are generated with a newer version of InstallAnywhere that supports Mac OS 10.8 or later. Since HIPE 11.1 is the preferred operational version, this issue is archived.

HIPE 13 Archived Known Issues

Cut levels in Display don't work properly for very small values in images

Ticket number: HCSS-19897

Versions affected: HIPE 13.0

Description: You cannot modify the cut levels of an image, loaded with the help of the Display class, that contains very small values (close to zero). For example, the image aa created by this script:

aa = Double2d(257,257)

width = 20.0
for i in range(257):
   for j in range(257):
      aa[i,j] = EXP(-(((j-128.)**2)+((i-128.)**2))/(2*width**2))

bb = aa + 0.001

On the other hand, the cut levels of image bb would be handled properly.

Workaround: Use an older version of HIPE to adjust cut levels in images.


HIPE 12 Archived Known Issues

computeVelocityTask plots absorption profiles as emission

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