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Other news for HIPE 5:

  • H and V beam astrometry calculated as default and found in the longitude and latitude columns of the datasets ra and dec metadata values are incorrect because positions of calibrations for the observation are also included. HiClass calculates offsets of data using raNominal, decNominal (values from HSpot) and the longitude, latitude values in the data
  • Horizons products updated
  • Can pass an algorithm to the pipeline by specifying a path (previously only possible in GUI)‏

HIFI data reduction tools (updates in HIPE 5.1):

  • Spectrum toolbox available in HIPE 5.1
  • Real-time statistics information (from toolbox)‏
  • Improvements to SpectrumFitterGUI
  • New task to convert Kelvin to Jansky, ConvertK2Jy
  • Possible to remove the smoothed baseline calculated by FitHifiFringe in addition to the fitted sine waves
  • A Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) module is also available for standing wave removal
  • New task, FitBaseline, to interactively fit and subtract or divide out baselines in HIFI spectra.
  • Plotting of DSB solution as doDeconvolution runs now possible when ‘diag’ (diagnostic) mode is selected.

-- AnthonyMarston - 31 Jan 2011

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