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HIFI instrument and calibration web page

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  • Information about how to find what calibration version was used on your data, how to get the latest calibration, and reprocess observations with it is found in the Pipeline chapter of the HIFI Data reduction Guide.
  • The latest calibration tree pool can also be retrieved directly here (10 December 2015).
  • The latest calibration tree pool can also be retrieved directly here (1 April 2016).
  • Updates to the HIFI calibration data are generally concurrent with the release of each major version of the HCSS-HIFI software. However, it is possible to have updates to the calibration data in between major releases of the software as the software and data are independent of each other, in the table below the HIPE or the OD from which the calibration updates apply are given. The calibration versions available since HIPE 5 are listed in the table below:
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18_0 02-07-14   12.1 Update of the list of corrupted data-frames for flagging at Level 0, Absolute Pointing Error (APE) added to allow a quality flag to be raised in future releases in case of large pointing offsets, updates to allow IF-dependent corrections to sideband ratio, update to spur tables to store entry of spurs found by the ICC or a Key Programme, addition of an instrument uncertainty table (currently only placeholder)
22_0 09-04-15   13.0 Update of the beam parameters (coupling efficiencies, HPBW, 2-D beam maps - see also the beam section above), addition of a new table of expected spectral spurs to be masked by the pipeline in Spectral Scans, addition of a database of Electrical Standing Wave correction solution for observations in bands 6 and 7, addition of a new Uncertainty table that will be propagated into an error budget in HIPE 14 (currently only placeholder), introduction of IF-dependent sideband gain ratio (currently only true for the lower end of band 2a), update of the list of corrupted data-frames for flagging at Level 0
24_0 10-12-15   14.0 Major update of all sideband ratio tables. Introduction of uncertainty budget tables. Introduction of spur warning tables for all point and mapping observations. Update of some Electrical Standing Wave correction solutions. Added some spur flag tables for a handful of spectral scans, as well as some remaining corrupted data-frame entries for flagging at level 0. Updated smoothing width for load chop processing in band 6a, allowing to mitigate the affect of strong artefacts present at tunings between 1457 and 1459 GHz.
25_0 To be released soon   14.1 Minor update to table of BBIDs in order to allow processing of a handful of calibration observations.

Outstanding calibration issues

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