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HIFI instrument and calibration web page

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  • Information about how to find what calibration version was used on your data, how to get the latest calibration, and reprocess observations with it is found in the Pipeline chapter of the HIFI Data reduction Guide.
  • The latest calibration tree pool can be also retrieved directly here (11 April 2015).
  • The latest calibration tree pool can also be retrieved directly here (11 April 2015).
  • Updates to the HIFI calibration data are generally concurrent with the release of each major version of the HCSS-HIFI software. However, it is possible to have updates to the calibration data in between major releases of the software as the software and data are independent of each other, in the table below the HIPE or the OD from which the calibration updates apply are given. The calibration versions available since HIPE 5 are listed in the table below:
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