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Adding Tools to HIPE

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<-- Author: JorgoBakker - 21 Dec 2007 -->
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" autoattached="1" comment="Rotate Task Panel" date="1203583605" name="rotate_panel.jpg" path="rotate_panel.jpg" size="6678" user="Main.NicolaDeCandussio" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="crop task with input highlighted" date="1254240567" name="crop_input.png" path="crop_input.png" size="14865" user="Main.JaimeSaiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="Tasks and variables" date="1254240686" name="tasks.png" path="tasks.png" size="13304" user="Main.JaimeSaiz" version="1"
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