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Adding Tools to HIPE

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  • you may want to organize your parameters by grouping them in tabs, or putting a border around a group of parameters
  • you may want to have more informative tooltips, labels or even input fields that are more suitable for your task.
Warning, important A new default dialog layout has been implemented following the request of the DPUG: It puts two parameters per line: lines are filled left to right, and then top to bottom. If you only have 1 input (or output) it will fill the whole line. Modifiers implementors should take care that the preferred size of their modifier is smaller (about 20 chars max). Provided modifiers have been updated but some modifiers are too wide for this layout (ex. AngleModifier, can have 3 texts and 1 combo in a line).
 To adapt to these scenarios and more, the system provides three ways for customizing you Task dialogs:
  • Parameter Modifiers
  • Signature Components
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