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Adding Tools to HIPE

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  Name of the Task (getName()) : reduce Name of the variable in Jython : reduce
Warning, important For naming tasks we follow the Java conventions, we use camel-case , not underscores : "reduceLight" is valid, "reduce_light" is not. Info log messages are produced for invalid task names.

Prime input validation

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  • While you can always write SomeTask(param = null) in Console, using a task dialog you will get SomeTask(): for GUIs "null is not allowed". The task machinery will take nulls as if the parameter has been ignored by the user.
  • Modifiers have no notion of the optionality of parameters: if they have a valid value, they will return it. The task machinery will not generate a parameter assignment if the value equals the default.
  • Specialized modifiers:
    • Will only store variables compatible with the type.
    • They do not to accept variables set to None.
    • Will mark as errorenous variables incompatible with the type (dynamically), but will accept any variable.

Implement a Modifier
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  See also the Extension Registry documentation for more details.
Warning, important NOTE: Conventions for labels for input parameters: (see DM). The static function
 public static JLabel getDecoratedLabel(TaskParameter tp, boolean isPrimeInput, String altName) 
provides a decorated label (including tooltip) that follows the standard style.

If some other function needs to be made public so that tasks can follow the default style, they will be added above.

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