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  After completion of phase 1, the install(PluginEnv) method of this interface is called. This method could call the main method of the installation program, included in the jars directory. When this completes, the Installer could add references to external JARs that were just installed. The method addJar of the PluginEnv class can be used to do that.
The custom installation is executed on the Swing Event Dispatch Thread (the "EDT"). Unless the custom installation specifically avoids this, HIPE will be blocked and not redrawn while the custom installation is in progress. If long operations are included in the custom installation process (meaning taking more than one or a few seconds), it is advisable to off-load this work to a background thread, for example using javax.swing.SwingWorker.
The custom installation is executed in a background thread. Note that it implies that any code related with GUIs would require an explicit call to be run in the EDT (Event Dispatching Thread), for example by means of SwingUtilities.invokeLater, EDT.run or EDT.call.


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