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Plug-in Developer Manual

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  It is possible to add a license text to a plug-in. All you have to do is add a file called LICENSE.txt to the root-level of the plug-in. This license will be displayed on the License tab of the Plug-in details panel.

Adding a menu item to the Help menu

You may want to add an entry in HIPE's Help menu, that the user can use to get help about your plug-in specifically. One way to do this is to add a menu item that opens the web-browser on the user's system and directs it to an on-line resource (the Help section of your plug-in's homepage for instance). An example plug-in is attached. See the plugin.py and the helpMenu.src.jar in this plug-in for the source code of this example.


Using your plug-in under jylaunch

HIPE plug-ins are centered, logically, on HIPE. You need HIPE to install them (unless you know and perform all installation steps manually), and they are installed in a HIPE-specific directory. Note that HIPE is one HCSS application, and jylaunch is an entirely different HCSS application. Even so, jylaunch loads and activates plug-ins when it starts in much the same way as HIPE does.

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