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 The tool will auto-update itself. The Unit Conversion Tool is provided by Steve Lord and Annie Hoac (NHSC).

PACS Calibration Products Plug-in

This plugin is in beta testing, please use with care!

This plug-in loads the PACS Calibration Products from a web server and installs the files on your local system.
To install, select Plug-ins from the Tools menu. Click Install new and enter the following URL:


The installation is automatic and will present you with a dialog to specify the local directory in which you want to install the calibration products.

Note that the plugin will update your calibration products only after restarting HIPE!

Included in this release:

  • automatically check for new versions of calibration products
  • user script that allows the user to start the update at any time during a HIPE session

Future releases will include:

  • automatically check for updates of the PACS Calibration Products Plug-in

Cosmology Plug-in

A HIPE plugin to perform common Cosmological calculations. Based on Dave Hogg's "Distance measures in Cosmology", and similar to Ned Wright's javascript Cosmology Calculator.

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