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  • Set TOPICTITLE = Contributing to HIPE
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META FORM name="DocumentMetadataForm"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" autoattached="1" comment="HIPE logo" date="1303830367" name="hipe_logo.jpg" path="hipe_logo.jpg" size="60499" user="Main.DavideRizzo" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" autoattached="1" comment="" date="1329470003" name="HIPE_8_1_0_INSTALLER.exe" path="HIPE_8_1_0_INSTALLER.exe" size="39282960" user="Main.JaimeSaiz" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" autoattached="1" comment="Splash screen of HIPE" date="1198244993" name="hipe-splash.jpg" path="hipe-splash.jpg" size="16970" user="Main.JorgoBakker" version="1"
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