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Herschel Data Processing Workshop for Newcomers, 24-27 June 2013

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  • Mac OS X Instructions:
    • After downloading, double-click HIPE_11_0_0_RC2_INSTALLER
Note for Mac OS X 10.8 users:

HIPE user installers do not work on Mac OS X 10.8 ("Mountain Lion") due to additional security checks implemented by this operating system. Note that HIPE is not yet officially supported on Mac OS X 10.8. There are two workarounds:

  • In a terminal window, use the chmod u+x command to change the permissions of the file HIPE_11_0_0_RC2_INSTALLER.app/Contents/MacOS/HIPE_11_0_0_RC2_INSTALLER.
  • In Mac OS X, from System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General → Allow applications downloads from [ANYWHERE].

Calibration contexts applicable for HIPE v11

In order to process data with HIPE v11 you need also the corresponding calibration tree.
In order to process data with HIPE v11 you may also need to download the corresponding calibration tree.
  • SPIRE calibration tree, spire_cal_11_0 is available from here. More details on how to get and install the latest calibration are provided here.
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