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Overview of the Herschel User Services

The Herschel User Services consist at this current time of the Helpdesk and the Proposal Handling System. Besides these services, the user also has the possibility to subscribe to specific Herschel mailing lists.

Registering for the Herschel Services

What the user should be aware of is that in order to make use of these services, he/she must be registered with the Herschel system. To register with the Herschel system please click on the "User Registration" link and follow the appropriate instructions. Specific cases for users already registered with the RSSD LDAP system are addressed in the User Registration webpage.

Herschel Helpdesk

The Herschel Helpdesk is a service which provides the registered user with the capability to submit questions to the HSC and to view the responses that have been provided. The Frequently Asked Questions section and the Herschel Mailing News section are visible to all users.

Herschel Proposal Handling System

The Herschel Proposal Handling System is a service which allows a user to view the status of the proposals that have been submitted by him/her as well as take note of the HOTAC comments that have been made concerning their proposal. With this service, the user may also add or remove co-users (individuals that have the right to update/resubmit/view those same proposals).

Herschel Mailing Lists

To subscribe to a Herschel mailing list, you can set your "email notification preferences" in your user details. To edit your user details please follow the link located in the User Registration webpage.

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