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Herschel (-related) websites

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ESA sites
Herschel Science Centre
This site - the Herschel Astronomers' website. Provided and managed by the Herschel Science Centre, it is primarily aimed at the scientific community in general and (potential) future users of Herschel in particular. The Herschel Science Centre is part of the ESA Research and Scientific Support Department.
ESA SciTech Herschel
Science & Technology Herschel website. Provided and managed by Science Communications, it is primarily catering for general interest in science and technology wrt Herschel. Contains an image gallery. See also the SciTech Portal with Director's Desk, and Educational Support with a map of the ESA web structure.
ESA Space Science Herschel
General public Herschel site provided by ESA Corporate Communication. This is part of the general public ESA Space Science Portal which is part of the ESA Portal.

PACS sites
PACS site at MPE, Garching, the PI institute.
PACS Consortium
PACS consortium site at KU, Leuven.

SPIRE sites
SPIRE Project Office
SPIRE Project Office site at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
SPIRE U Cardiff
URL here
SPIRE site at Cardiff University, the PI institute.

HIFI sites
HIFI site at SRON in Groningen, the PI institute.

NASA sites
NASA Herschel Science Center
NASA Herschel Science Center site at IPAC, Pasadena.
JPL Herschel
NASA JPL Herschel site at JPL, Pasadena.

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