5.2. SPIRE calibration products

A separate set of calibration products is defined for each of the two sub-instruments on SPIRE, the photometer and the spectrometer. These are indicated by Spec or Phot in the type name after SCal.

The following tables summarise the calibration products required.

5.2.1. Calibration History Products

These products are not strictly calibration products as they contain the history information for certain parameters. However, they are used by the pipeline in the same way as normal calibration products. They are filled using either dedicated pre-processing pipelines during Operational Day Processing, or filled by information generated by the pipeline.

Product type Product description
SCalResetHist DPU Counter Reset History
SCalPhotOffsetHist Photometer Signal Offset History
SCalSpecOffsetHist Spectrometer Signal Offset History
Product type Product description
SCalPhotPcal Photometer PCAL Output Table
SCalSpecPcal Spectrometer PCAL Output Table

5.2.2. Photometer Calibration Products

Product type Product description
SCalPhotApertureEfficiency Spire Aperture efficiency
SCalPhotBeamProf Photometer Beam Profiles
SCalPhotBolPar Bolometer Parameter Table
SCalPhotBsmOps BSM Operations Table
SCalPhotBsmPos BSM Position Table
SCalPhotChanMask Channel Mask Table
SCalPhotChanGain Channel Gain Table
SCalPhotChanRelGain Channel Relative Gain Table
SCalPhotChanNoise Detector Noise Spectrum
SCalPhotChanNum Channel Number Mapping Table
SCalPhotChanTimeConst Channel Time Constants
SCalPhotChanTimeOff Channel Time Offset Table
SCalPhotDetAngOff Detector Angular Offset Table
SCalPhotElecCross Electrical Crosstalk Matrix
SCalPhotFluxConv Flux Conversion and Non-linearity Correction Coefficients
SCalPhotColorCorrAperture List Set of Aperture corrections
SCalPhotColorCorrBeam SPIRE beam corrections with spectral index and temperature
SCalPhotColorCorrHfi Spire-HFI Cross-calibration color correction
SCalPhotColorCorrK Set of source-type correction
SCalPhotInstModeMask Instrument Mode Mask Table
SCalPhotLpfPar Low Pass Filter Parameter Table
SCalPhotOptCross Optical Crosstalk Matrix
SCalPhotPcalModel Photometer Pcal Response Model Table
SCalPhotRsrf Photometer RSRF
SCalPhotRadialCorrBeam Spire Beam correction product
SCalPhotTempDriftCorr Temperature Drift Correction Coefficients

5.2.3. Spectrometer Calibration Products

Product type Product Description
SCalSpecBandEdge Spectral Band Edges
SCalSpecBeamParam Spectrometer Beam Parameters and point source flux conversion
SCalSpecBeamProf Spectrometer Beam Profiles
SCalSpecBolPar Bolometer Parameter Table
SCalSpecBolPhase Bolometer Phase Table
SCalSpecBrightGain Bright Mode Gain Table
SCalSpecBsmOps BSM Operations Table
SCalSpecBsmPos BSM Position Table
SCalSpecChanGain Channel Gain Table
SCalSpecChanMask Channel Mask Table
SCalSpecChanNum Channel Number Mapping Table
SCalSpecChanTimeConst Channel Time Constants
SCalSpecChanTimeOff Channel Time Offset Table
SCalSpecDetAngOff Detector Angular Offset Table
SCalSpecElecCross Electrical Crosstalk Matrix
SCalSpecExtCorr Spectrometer extended calibration polynomial correction coefficients
SCalSpecInstRsrf Spectrometer Instrument RSRF
SCalSpecLpfPar Low Pass Filter Parameter Table
SCalSpecLrCorr Spectrometer LR Correction Calibration Table for SLW
SCalSpecNonLinCorr Non-linearity Correction Coefficients
SCalSpecOpdCorr Spectrometer OPD Correction Calibration Table
SCalSpecOpdLimits Spectrometer Opd Limits Table
SCalSpecOptCross Optical Crosstalk Matrix
SCalSpecPcalModel Spectrometer Pcal Response Model Table
SCalSpecPhaseCorrLim Band Limits for Phase Correction
SCalSpecSmecStepFactor SMEC Step Factor to convert from MPD to OPD
SCalSpecSmecZpd Optical Encoder and LVDT DC at ZPD
SCalSpecTeleModel Spectrometer OD-dependent Telescope Model Correction
SCalSpecTeleRsrf Spectrometer Telescope RSRF