2.10. Product naming convention for exported FITS files

The Herschel products naming convention for exported FITS files takes the following format which depends on the type of product. The generic format is as follows although not all of the items are present in all filenames. See following subsections for the specific formats for the different groups of products.



The ordering of the parameters is designed to give a logic ordering of the filenames when listed in a directory.

All product names also contain at the end a 13 digits number which is a <timestamp> that the system generates when the FITS product is created.

The specific formats per product are given in the following sections.

2.10.1. Observation products

The filenames of observation products take the generic form of (products split into building blocks and slices):


For products that contain data from the whole observation (i.e., not split up at all) the generic form is:


For example, hpacs1342188700_20hps3dbs_01_1422300741810.fits is Level 2 Herschel PACS Spectroscopy (3D) cubes Blue slice 01 for observation 1342188700.

For Level 2.5 and Level 3 products which involve more than one observation, the central coordinates of the generated map are used instead of the <obsid>.

For example, hpacs_30HPPJSMAPR_1451_p7409_00_v1.0 is PACS Photometer Scanamorphos Level 3 Red map with central coordinates RA=14h51m DEC=+74d09m.

2.10.2. Calibration products

The majority of the Calibration products have the addition of cal/calibration in the filename, although the names depend very much on the instrument, the subintrument (photometry or espectroscopy) and whether they are calibration files created by the pipeline or about how the observation was carried out (Uplink).

More details on the name of calibration products can be found in Section 3.2, Section 4.2 and Section 5.2.

2.10.3. Auxiliary products

The filenames of auxiliary products take the generic form:


For products associated with one obsid the form is


Those with data for one operational day take the form


Some auxiliary products which are valid for a given period like the SIAM product do not follow this naming convention.

A table describing the different types of auxiliary products is in 6.1.

2.10.4. Quality Control products

The filename for the quality control report is:


For the quality control report summary:


For the quality logs:


where v<NN> stands for the version of the product although it has not changed across the mission and remains as v1.0 for all quality products.