3.2. HIFI calibration products

There are two kinds of Calibration products. Products which are provided in advance and products which are derived from the HifiTimelineProduct and are used at the same time. These latter products are saved in the ObservationContext and can (later) be used for trend analysis and quality control.

A note about nomenclature: A calibration product specific for HRS starts with CalHrs... and one specific for WBS starts with CalWbs... When it only starts with Cal it is generic.

3.2.1. HIFI calibration products 1: Predefined calibration products

Product class   Product Description
CalBbid   A table containing the meaning of the different building blocks types, some attributes and their meaning
CalCoupCoeff   Product that contains for each (physical band) the coupling coefficients eta_hot and eta_cold (for a given freq grid). (Name in Observation Context: couplingEfficiency_H/V)
CalForwardEff   Product containing baseline ripple model from OFF scans. Every ripple model has a time tag and quality. (Name in Observation Context: forwardEfficiency_H/V)
CalHKTable   A table containing the HK items which should be selected in the HifiSpectrumDatasets for the different backend and in different situations.
CalSidebandGain   It contains the sideband gain values. (Name in Observation Context: sidebandGain_H/V)
CalUpConvertLO   It contains the upconverter factor needed for the frequencies in bands 6 and 7
CalHrsPowCorr   A product containing values for the power gain non-linearity correction. It has 2 tables: PowCorrVSigma which is the vSigma vector and PowCorrGain which is the gain vector.
CalHrsQDCFast   Only MetaData containing the values for the fast Quantization distortion correction.
CalHrsQDCFull   A product containing values for the full Quantization distortion correction. It has 5 datasets.
  • QDCFullMSigma: Tabledataset containing mSigma vector.

  • QDCFullRo: Tabledataset containing ro vector.

  • QDCFullVSigma: Tabledataset containing vSigma vector.

  • QDCFullGridDim: Tabledataset containing grid dimensions.

  • QDCFullGrid: Tabledataset containing grid or 3d table.

CalHrsBadChans   Product which contains the bad channels table for HRS
CalWbsBadPixel   Product which contains the bad pixels table for WBS. (Name in Observation Context: badPixels)
CalWbsFreqCoeff   It contains one Table Dataset with 5 columns, one for time and for each of the four CCD's, a set of polynomial coefficients that define how to convert pixel index to IF frequency for that time.
CalWbsFreqTuning   The parameter used for the fitting of COMB spectra. (Name in Observation Context: combFitParameters)
CalWbsLinearCoeff   Contains the coefficients for the non linearity correction of WBS bands. (Name in Observation Context: linearityCoefficient)

3.2.2. HIFI calibration products 2: Calibration products derived from the HifiTimelineProduct

Product class   Product Description
CalFluxHotCold   A context product containing the hot-cold calibration. (Name in Observation Context: Tsys)
CalOffBaseline   Product containing the baseline spectra obtained by the MkOffSmooth module which processes off data sets
CalWbsBadPixel   Product which contains the bad pixels table for WBS. (Name in Observation Context: BadPixelProposed)
CalWbsFreq   The frequency calibration context for the WBS. (Name in Observation Context: WbsFreq)
CalWbsZero   Zero context for zeros spectra and relative checks. ((Name in Observation Context: Zero)
FreqRanges   Product containing the measures for frequency drifts potentially occurring during an observation. (Name in Observation Context: FrequencyGroups)