Chapter 7. Standalone Browse Products Description

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7.1. Standalone Browse Products Description

7.1. Standalone Browse Products Description

The currently offered 'Standalone Browse Products' are the following FITS products generated by the standard Herschel data processing pipelines:

  • HIFI:The Level 2.5 products for all HIFI observations.

  • PACS Photometry: The Level 2.5 products for PACS photometric observations produced with Scanamorphos when available (this includes the PACS component of SPIRE/PACS parallel mode observations); or the Level 2 products otherwise.

  • PACS Spectroscopy: Reformatted Level 2 or where available, Level 2.5 products consisting of:

    • A FITS table with the spectra of the Level 2 "rebinned cubes" for all spaxels and for all raster pointings.

    • One drizzled, projected or interpolated cube per camera, with an equidistant wavelength and spatial grid; which cube is provided depends on the observing mode (mapping, tiling, pointed; line scan, range scan).

    • For pointed observations only, a FITS table containing the spectrum of the central spaxel and one (unchopped observing mode) or two (chopNod mode) versions of the point source-calibrated spectra, per camera and per wavelength range in the observation.

    • For pointed chopNod observations taken in full SED mode only, a single FITS table of the central spectrum and the two point source-calibrated spectra, but here with both cameras and the data from the two or three observations that were taken to cover the full SED contained in the same table.

    Note that for the latter two types of products, establishing whether the source is a point source located within the central spaxel, or not, is the responsibility of the user.

  • SPIRE Photometry: Level 2.5 maps processed with the version of the pipeline for absolute calibrated extended source maps in MJy/sr for overlapping SPIRE scan and cross-scan maps when these are available (also for the SPIRE component of SPIRE/PACS parallel mode observations); or the Level 2 extended source calibrated products otherwise. For Solar System Objects, the Level 2 point-source calibrated maps in Jy/beam, corrected for the proper motion of the object.

  • SPIRE Spectroscopy: For observations in sparse mode the Level 2 point-source calibrated spectra for the central detectors, and for spectral maps the Level 2 convolution projection spectral cubes.