Chapter 6. Auxiliary, Catalogue and Quality Products Description

Table of Contents

6.1. Auxiliary products
6.2. Quality Control
6.2.1. Quality Flags

6.1. Auxiliary products

Table 6.1. Auxiliary products

Name Product type Description
Auxiliary Context  
ACMS Telemetry Product


Herschel ACMS Telemetry Product.

Horizons Product


Herschel information from the Horizons NASA database of solar system ephemerides.

More information in the corresponding product table in the PDS and the official NASA site and documentation on Horizons.

Events Log Product


The events log product is intended to provide with a uniform product containing event reports from either the instruments or the spacecraft. It is generated per OD.

Missing Telemetry Product


This product contains information of missing TM packets after ingestion in the HSC. It has been designed to contain the minimum information required to unambiguously identify the missing TM packets. It is generated per OD.

Out of Limits Product


The HPMCS SCOS-2000 BEHV performs behaviour checking for all parameters specified in the MIB OCF table. This information furnished to the HSC by means of DDS auxiliary TM data products. The Out-of-limits product shall pack all the information provided therein. It is generated per OD.

Orbit Ephemeris Product auxOrbitp


The predicted and reconstructed products have identical format and contain time-dependent S/C state vector information as provided by FDS as Orbit Ephemeris Message (OEM) data. Generated per OD.

More information in the corresponding product table in the PDS.

Orbit Events Products


These products have identical format and contain the predicted/reconstructed orbit events data furnished by Flight Dynamics (FDS) in the (short term) orbit events file. Events include Acquisition/loss of TM/TC signal at the ground station and eclipse events information. It is generated per OD.

Herschel Pointing product


The pointing product contains time-dependent spacecraft attitude information and will be built using information provided in the Attitude History File (AHF) furnished by the Flight Dynamics System (FDS). It is generated per observation id (obsid).

SIAM Product


This product contains the Spacecraft/Instrument Alignment Matrices transforming vectors in the Herschel spacecraft reference frame to/from vectors in the different instruments' frames. The SIAM product is valid for a given period of time in the mission until a new measurement is done and the product is updated.

Calibrated SREM Data Product


The Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) detects and counts electrons, protons and cosmic rays with a coarse spectral resolution and some 20 degrees angular resolution. This product contains the calibrated accumulation and acquisition data, including the proton/electron count rates in the three detectors, fitted particle spectra and total dose in the internal RadFET. It is generated per OD.

Raw SREM Data Product


Contains raw SREM accumulation and acquisition data, including readings from the different channels of detectors and internal RadFET, temperature and voltage data, etc. It is generated per OD.

Telecommands History Product


This product contains information of telecommand history as furnished by the Herschel MCS by means of DDS service. It is generated per OD.

Time Correlation Product


The Time Correlator component within the HPMCS maintains the correlation between the spacecraft on-board time and ground time, providing interfaces to correlate OBT to UTC and vice-versa. The Time Correlation product should contain all the relevant information produced by the Time Correlator component and stored in the SCOS-2000 Time Correlator Coefficient packets. It is generated per OD.

Mission Timeline Summary Product


This product packs the information provided within the EPOS summary file: pointing requests data, reaction wheel profile data, ground station coverage and DTCP data and delta-V manoeuvre data. It is generated per OD. Not yet available.

Uplink Data Product


This product contains uplink information, including: proposal data, observation request data and observation block execution data. It is generated per observation.

HIFI Uplink Data Product


HIFI-specific Uplink Data Product. It contains, additionally, a number of instrument specific parameters.