6.3. Photometry

The Level 2.5 Unimap and JScanam maps (the latter being also standalone browse products) are both science-ready products that can be used for point sources or extended emission. The HPF maps can be used only for point-like emission, and these products are in Level 2.5 also. If Level 3 maps exists, these can be adopted instead of the Level 2.5 maps because of the better S/N ratio (being the combination of several Level 2.5 products). Only where Level 2.5 maps are not generated should the Level 2 maps be used, and in this case use the HPF maps. For aperture photometry, aperture corrections as published on the HSC PACS web-pages should be used. It should also be noted that PACS maps are differential maps, where the absolute level is undefined as it is removed by the map-making process. Hence it is not a worry if the background level is negative.