Chapter 6. The recommended products for different science cases

Table of Contents

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Spectroscopy
6.2.1. Point sources
6.2.2. Semi-extended sources
6.2.3. Flat extended sources
6.2.4. Other extended sources, crowded fields, off-centred point sources, and semi-extended sources: correcting for the uneven illumination of the PACS IFU
6.3. Photometry

6.1. Introduction

Here we briefly recommend the first maps, cube, or tables to take from an observation depending on the science case and type of observation. For photometry and spectroscopy most products can be used for most science cases, but sometimes there is clearly one or other product that is the best to start with. Here we also discuss the requirements for the use of recommended products. To learn more about the products themselves, what they are and how to find them in an observation, we refer to you to the previous chapters of this document. For more a more comprehensive guide to science-case based product decisions, see the PACS Handbook, available from the Herschel Explanatory Legacy Library pages.

In the repository of PACS documentation on the HELL archive (it is best to open this in a new tab) is a Quick Start Guide for photometry and spectroscopy. A set of flowcharts can be found in the Product Decision Tree provided for spectroscopy, in which we recommend which products are appropriate for different AOTs and science cases.