Categorised view of commands

This chapter provides a categorised view of all built-in DP functions, tasks and objects.



Java Class DFTProduct - Compute the Discrete Fourier Transform of an HifiSpectrumDataset.
Java Task doDeconvolution - DoDeconvolutionTask
Java Task fitBaseline - A routine to fit and subtract or divide baselines in HIFI spectra.
Java Task fitHifiFringe - This task fits and subtracts a set of sine waves to standing waves in
Java Task gridding - produces a cube of images from a HifiTimelineProduct,
Jython Task hifiProductValidation - A tool to validated the changes found between two different data versions of the same observation.
Java Task mkGrid - produces a GridMap from a HifiTimelineProduct.
Java Task polarPair - Task to compute the average or the difference of two spectrum containers or timeline products which is useful
Java Task removeFlaggedPixels - Task to handle flagged pixels by either setting the flux value to NaN,
Java Task selectHifi - Task for selecting datasets and/or rows of a timeline product ({@link HifiProduct}


Java Task convertFrequency - ConvertFrequencyTask
Java Task convertK2Jy - Convert the Flux intensities from Kelvin to Jansky.
Java Task convertSingleHifiSpectrum - Task that allows to transform spectrum data in a SimpleSpectrum.
Java Task convertTemp - Convert Temperature in the SpectrumContainer in Main Beam temperature or in Antenna Temperature.
Java Task doOffset - Switch the latitude and longitude coordinate to be relative to an offset or absolute.
Java Task getChannelFlags - A task to generate a table of channel flags set in level 2 HIFI data.
Jython Task hiClass - Export HIFI spectra to a FITS file that CLASS can read.
Jython Task hifiDeconToClass - Export HIFI deconvolution product to a FITS file that CLASS can read


Java Task browseProduct - BrowseProductTask


Java Task configureHifiPipeline - A convenience task to configure the external inputs to the hifiPipeline task.
Java Task doPipelineConfiguration - DoPipelineConfiguration
Java Task getHifiCal - A task to retrieve the calibration data from an external source and save it locally on one's disk (lstore). The
Java Task hifiPipeline - Task to run the HIFI pipeline.
Java Task mergeHtps - Task to merge 2 or more HifiTimilineProduct.
Java Task None - Task for quality analysis of level 'generic Pipeline' Products

HRS Pipeline

Java Task doHrsCorrSP - Step12: Task which corrects HRS spectra from IF non-linearity errors.
Java Task doHrsCutBandEdges - Step 13: Task which cuts the edges of the HRS sub-bands, according to the bandpass of the filter.
Java Task doHrsFFT - Step9: Task which applies a Fourier Transform processing to the correlation functions of HRS.
Java Task doHrsFreq - Step11: Task which computes the frequency of the HRS sub-bands.
Java Task doHrsNorm - Step4: Task which normalises the raw correlation functions of HRS.
Java Task doHrsOffsetPow - Step3: Task which computes the offset and the power of HRS.
Java Task doHrsPowCorr - Step6: Task which corrects the non-linearity errors of the HRS power.
Java Task doHrsQDCFast - The DoHrsQDCFastTask does a quick but approximate correction for the
Java Task doHrsQDCFull - Step5: Task which corrects the quantisation distortion of the HRS correlation functions.
Java Task doHrsSmooth - Step12: Task which applies a Hanning smoothing on the spectra, which is equivalent to a Hanning
Java Task doHrsSubbands - Step2: Task which extracts the HRS sub-bands from the HRS readout.
Java Task doHrsSymm - Step8: Task which symmetries the correlation function of HRS to prepare the FFT.
Java Task doHrsWindow - Step7: Task which applies a Hanning windowing to the correlation functions of HRS,
Jython Task hrsPipeline - Process


Java Task accessPacket - AccessPacketTask
Jython Task browseDf - Browse DataFrames
Jython Task browseHk - Browse House Keeping
Java Task displayDataFrame - Display DataFrames
Jython Task displayPacket - DisplayPacketTask

Interactive Pipeline

Java Task doSubtractMedian - Subtract the median from all spectra in the HTP.

Interactive Pipeline Steps

Java Task doDeconvolution - DoDeconvolutionTask
Java Task doFold - Performs folding for frequency switched spectra.
Java Task doGridding - Produces cube(s) of images from a HIFI spectral mapping observation,
Java Task doStitch - Stitch the scans included in a HifiTimelineProduct.
Java Task fitHifiFringe - This task fits and subtracts a set of sine waves to standing waves in
Java Task hebCorrection - Task to correct (remove) Electric Standing Waves in Bands 6 & 7.
Java Task level25Pipeline - The level 2.5 pipeline task. This task runs the level 2.5 pipeline algorithm.
Java Task userFlag - UserFlagTask

Level 0 Pipeline

Java Task cleanDF - CleanDFTask
Java Task doBadLo - Task to flag in a HifiTimelineProduct the bands in the spectra that have a bad LO values due foreseen Spurs,
Java Task doHkCheck - It checks the House Keeping contained in a HifiCalibrationDataset
Java Task doPointing - doPointing
Java Task doTimeCorr - This task corrects the observation time (especially for HRS) because the
Java Task doUplink - Copies meta data parameters from the HifiUplinkProduct into the HTP and HSD.

Level 1 Pipeline

Java Class CalFluxHotCold - Class containing receiver temperature and bandpass information of an observation.
Java Class CalOffBaseline - Product containing the baseline spectra obtained by by the MkOffSmooth module which processes
Java Class CalPhases - Product that information about the different phases observed with an observation.
Java Task checkDataStructure - Applies some checks on the the datasets included in input the timeline product (e.g. having unique bbnumber).
Java Task checkFreqGrid - Provide information about the frequency ranges observed in the timeline product
Java Task checkPhases - Checks with science and hot/cold datasets for Chopper-, LoFrequency- and buffer-patterns to be compliant
Java Task doChannelWeights - Computes the (channel-dependent) weights and fills them into the science datasets.
Java Task doFilterLoads - Task for the level1 pipeline for removing the standing waves from the hot/cold load measurements.
Java Task doFluxHotCold - Applies the bandpass spectra (computed by MkFluxHotCold) to the science spectra.
Java Task doHebCorrection - Task to correct (remove) Electric Standing Waves in Bands 6 & 7.
Java Task doOffSubtract - Computes the differences between ON and OFF positions in a way depending on the observing mode.
Java Task doRadialVelocity - Corrects the frequency for the radial velocity of the spacecraft and possibly of the source by using
Java Task doRefSubtract - Subtracts suitable reference spectra that are, depending on the observing mode,
Java Task doVelocityCorrection - Corrects the frequency for the velocity of the spacecraft.
Java Class FreqRanges - Product containing the measures for frequency drifts potentially occurring during an observation.
Jython Task level1Pipeline - Process
Java Task mkFlagSummary - This task creates a summary table with all the row and channel flags
Java Task mkFluxHotCold - Computes the bandpass and receiver temperature from the hot cold spectra.
Java Task mkOffSmooth - Calibrates a baseline by processing the measurements of an OFF position in sky.
Java Task mkRef - A task to extract emission in reference positions.
Java Task mkUncertaintyTable - A task that generates a product containing a table of uncertainty values for Sideband ratio,

Level 2 Pipeline

Java Task checkPlatforming - Check platforming between subbands within a HifiTimelineProduct.
Java Task doAntennaTemp - Translates to the antenna temperature scale.
Java Task doAvg - Takes the average over the group of datasets defined by type ("sds_type") and frequency group.
Java Task doChannelFlags - Task for the level1 pipeline for flagging data where spurs are known to exist.
Java Task doCleanUp - Cleans up the timeline product by removing data no longer needed after running the level1 pipeline.
Java Task doFreqGrid - Resamples the flux data to a suitable frequency grid.
Java Task doMainBeamTemp - Translates to the main beam temperature scale.
Java Task doSidebandGain - Apply the sideband gain coefficients to the flux values.
Java Task doSpectrumStatistics - Computes the statistics of the individual spectra.
Jython Task level2Pipeline - Process
Java Task mkFreqGrid - Computes a frequency scale which will be used for resampling.
Java Task mkRms - Determine RMS noise in >= level 2 HIFI data (both HRS and WBS).
Java Task mkSidebandGain - Creates an interpolator for computing the IF- and LO-frequency dependent sideband gains ratios.
Java Task undoSidebandGain - Brings all the spectra included in the input product to a sideband gain of 0.5 or to 1.0.

WBS Pipeline

Java Task doWbsBadPixels - Step3: Task that apply the masking pixel list.Configurable to select/unselect masks.
Java Task doWbsCrFlag - Task to detect anomalies due to Cosmic Ray.
Java Task doWbsDark - Step4: perform subtraction of dark values for all scans in the HifiSpectrumDataset.
Java Task doWbsFreq - Step9: create frequency table for each scan.
Java Task doWbsNonlin - Step5:
Java Task doWbsScanCount - Step1: Task for the correction of scan Count and for the
Java Task doWbsSubbands - Step11 in the wbs pipeline
Java Task doWbsZero - Step7: Subtract appropriate zero spectra for each time step. If the zeros are
Java Task mkSpur - A task to identify spurs in WBS HTPs
Java Task mkWbsBadPixels - Step2: Task that check for saturated pixels
Java Task mkWbsFluxAtten - Step10: Attenuator settings analysis.
Java Task mkWbsFreqFromHrs - Internal Support for the Task MkWbsFreqTask.
Java Task mkWbsFreq - Step8: Derive frequency scale from comb spectra.
Java Task mkWbsZero - Step6: Check the zeros and compute an interpolation function to
Jython Task wbsPipeline - Process


Java Class DatasetWrapper - DatasetWrapper is a (very) simple wrapper to transform a Dataset into
Java Class HifiProduct - HifiProduct is an extension of MapContext<-Product, which contains
Java Class HifiTimelineProduct - A MapContext containing HifiSpectrumDatasets.



Jython Task flagTool - FlagTool is a tool for flagging rows and specific channels of HifiSpectrumDatasets.