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II.1. Related documentation
II.1.1. Inspecting the source code

The User's Reference Manual contains information about all the main tasks and classes that you can use within your scripts. There are four version of this manual: the HCSS version describes the functions provided by the core Herschel software, and is always shipped with HIPE; the three other versions describe functions provided by HIFI, PACS and SPIRE software. You may or may not have all of these additional manuals, depending on the software you installed.

This manual includes the following sections:

II.1. Related documentation

The aim of this manual is to provide reference information for all the user-relevant aspects of the HIFI software. Despite our efforts, you may find that some routines are missing, or have incomplete or inaccurate descriptions. In this case you are encouraged to consult the Javadoc developer's reference documentation. You can access the Javadoc by clicking on HIFI Developer's Reference Manual (API) in the table of contents of the HIPE Help System.

Guidance on how to use the Javadoc is provided in the Scripting Guide: Overview of Javadoc documentation.

Some Javadoc pages may have links to more in-depth developer documentation. Be aware that these are not fully fledged help documents and are most useful to system developers or advanced users only.

II.1.1. Inspecting the source code

If you are an advanced user versed in Java and Jython, you might want to have a look at the source code of a task or class. You can include source code in your HIPE installation in the following ways:

  • If you are installing a developer build via the Continuous Installation System, the --src=yes option will install source code. This is enabled by default if you use the --developer option.

    With the --unpack=yes option, the source code will be unpacked into a src subdirectory in your HIPE installation. With the --unpack=no option, source files for each module will be kept as ZIP files in the repository (usually under $HOME/.hcss.d/repository in UNIX systems and under %HOMEPATH%/.hcss.d/repository in Windows).

  • If you are using an installer, select the checkbox next to the question Would you like to have the source code installed? This is only available if you choose the Advanced installation. The source code will be in the src subdirectory of your HIPE installation.