1.115. mkWbsZero

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.wbs.MkWbsZeroTask
Alias: mkWbsZero
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.wbs import MkWbsZeroTask

HIFI/Pipeline/WBS Pipeline


Step6: Check the zeros and compute an interpolation function to

represent zeros for each time.

ScanInterpolator.PREVIOUS = "PREVIOUS"; //AL 12-11-2006 New

ScanInterpolator.NEAREST = "NEAREST";

ScanInterpolator.LINEAR = "LINEAR";

ScanInterpolator.CUBIC_SPLINE = "CUBIC_SPLINE"; //AL 12-11-2006 New

request field :

Double1d thresholds= CalWbsZeroCheck.getThreshold(); double zeroVarianceMaximum = thresholds.get(0); double zeroAverageMaximum = thresholds.get(1); double zeroAverageMinimum = thresholds.get(2); double zeroMaximum = thresholds.get(3); double zeroMinimum = thresholds.get(4); HifiSpectrumDataset request field: Name/position of bad pixels from zero flags


Example 1: In HIPE:
from herschel.hifi.pipeline.wbs import *
from herschel.hifi.dp.access import AccessDataFrameTask
spectra =DoWbsScanCountTask()(htp=spectra)
calPixel=MkWbsBadPixelsTask()(htp=spectra,badPixel=MyBadPixelMask) #step 2
spectra = DoWbsBadPixelsTask()(htp=spectra,cal=calPixel,apply=1 ) #step 3
dd=DoWbsDarkTask() #step 4
spectra =dd(htp=spectra,darkKind=DoWbsDarkTask.DARK1_2)
spectra = DoWbsNonlinTask()(htp=spectra,cal=MyTablePolyn) #step 5
mkz=MkWbsZeroTask() #step 6
zerocheck=mkz.zeroCheck  # (equivalent to zerocheck=zeroCal.check)
Example 2: In HIPE:
from herschel.hifi.pipeline.wbs import *
DoWbsScanCountTask()(spectra) #step 1
calPixel=MkWbsBadPixelsTask()(spectra) #step 2
MkWbsBadPixelsTask()(spectra,calPixel) #step 3
DoWbsDarkTask()(spectra) #step 4
DoWbsNonlinTask()(spectra) #step 5
zeroCal=MkWbsZeroTask()(spectra) #step 6

API details


HifiTimelineProduct htp [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value.]

Provides the technical SpectrumDataSet that will be used to calculated the zeros calibration.

String interp [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default="NEAREST"]

Provides the parameters used to decide which interpolation scheme will be applied to compute the zero Calibration

PREVIOUS; No interpolation. Use the most recent Zero (Time of zero < Time Spectrum). If there aren't Zeros with time before, it will use the first zero taken after.

NEAREST; No interpolation. Use the Zero with the closest time to the time of the spectrum.

CalWbsZeroThreshold threshold [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=CalWbsZeroThreshold()]

Provides the thresholds for the zeros.

CalWbsZero cal [OUTPUT, OPTIONAL, default=No default value.]

Provides the ZeroCalibration .

CalWbsZeroCheck zeroCheck [OUTPUT, OPTIONAL, default=No default value.]

Provides the general checks and pixels checks on the zeros .

It is equivalent to CalWbsZero.getCheck

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  • 2005-05-15 - AL: Javadoc and help completed parameter renamed for more compatibility with hrs
  • 2005-07-14 - AL: First implementation completed.
  • 2006-12-07 - AL: converted to HifiTimelineProduct and Calibration Product.
  • 2006-12-21 - AL: Uniformed api to generic branch. Updated documentation