1.93. HifiTimelineProduct

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.product.HifiTimelineProduct
Type: Java Class - Java Class
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.product import HifiTimelineProduct



A MapContext containing HifiSpectrumDatasets.

HifiTimelineProduct is an extension of HifiProduct. It also contains a summary table, listing the types of the HSDs


Example 1: HifiTimelineProduct
# assume dfs and hkp are lists of DataFrames and pertaining HKpackets
wbs = HifiTimelineProduct( dfs, hkp )   # construct a HTP, all in memory
print wbs.refs.keySet().size()      # number of references to Products
p1 = wbs.refs["1"].product              # get the first product
p2 = wbs.getProduct( 2 )            # alternative (easier) to get product
d3 = wbs.get( 3 )               # the dataset inside product 3
# If you want to select different types into your
print new CalBbid().getTypes()      # for all available types.
wbs1 = HifiTimelineProduct()
wbs1.setTypes( String1d( ["hot","cold","att","stab","science","other"] ))
wbs1.setSkips( String1d( ["zero","comb"] ))
wbs1.fillProduct( dfs, hkp )


The Constructors using ProductReaders for DFs and HK are taken out as they did not work in the first place. Same for Constructors without HK; they also dont work. The Constructors using a Commanded BBid Table are pretty useless for all of the post-launch data. If needed for some of the ILT data they can be invoked as

 # assume dfs are DataFrames, hkp are HouseKeeping Packets.
 # and ccbt is a commanded Bbid Tabledataset, all for this apid.
 htp = HifiTimelineProduct()
 htp.setCommandedBbid( ccbt, apid )
 htp.execute( dfs, hkp )

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