1.43. doHkCheck

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.level0.DoHkCheckTask
Alias: doHkCheck
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.level0 import DoHkCheckTask

HIFI/Pipeline/Level 0 Pipeline


It checks the House Keeping contained in a HifiCalibrationDataset

(like the LoTrendTable, FptTrendTable) if the values are inside the thresholds contained in the CalHkThresh The result of that check are inserted as Columns "hkFlag" in the HifiTimelineProuct passed.

Moreover for mixer bias parameters the mean and the variance of that parameter are inserted in the HifiTimelineProuct.

If some parameter is Out of limit inside a SpectrumDatset a BooleanParameter=false with the same name will be added to the MetaData.

Not all Dataset in the HifiTimelineProuct are checked, the default are: {"stab", "hc" , "hot", "cold", "science", "other"}; but they can be changed with using the input parameter "type"

Several utility method have been added to the Task to have more user friendly check of the Trend Table

For each HK a different bit in the "hkFlag" is raised.


Example 1: doHkCheck
from herschel.hifi.pipeline.product import *
DoWbsScanCount(htp) #add the integration time in the HK
thr=CalHkThresh()# default
fpu=FpuTrendTable(thr.mnemonics,hk) #create
doHkCheck(htp=htp,cal=fpu, thresholdH=thr)
flags=htp.get(1, "science")["hkFlag"].data #Is a Long1d
raisedFlag= doHkCheck.getFlag("HF_AH1_MXBIAS_C",flags) #utility method


No limitation.

API details


HifiTimelineProduct htp [INOUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The HifiTimelineProduct which will be updated with the hkFlag

HifiCalibrationDataset cal [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The dataset which contains the Trend Analysis of the parameters to be checked

HkThresholds cal [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The Product which contains the thresholds of the parameters to be checked

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