1.52. doHrsQDCFull

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs.DoHrsQDCFullTask
Alias: doHrsQDCFull
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs import DoHrsQDCFullTask

HIFI/Pipeline/HRS Pipeline


Step5: Task which corrects the quantisation distortion of the HRS correlation functions.

Needs the CalHrsQDCFull calibration product as input, and then interpolates on the 3 dimensional table of this product the correlation function for each correlation channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: this Task is mandatory. If the CalHrsQDCFull product is None or not valid, the spectra obtained at the end of the HRS pipeline are not valid.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: this Task can be replaced by DoHrsQDCFast only for performance reasons, for QLA for instance, but the quality of the spectra obtained at the end of the HRS pipeline is degraded.


Example 1: In HIPE
from herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs import *
htp = HifiTimelineProduct(df, hk)
doHrsQDCFull(htp=htp, cal=calHrsQDCFull)

API details


HifiTimelineProduct htp [INOUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The HifiTimelineProduct which contains the HRS correlation functions.

CalHrsQDCFull cal [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The input calibration product which contains the Full Quantisation Distortion Correction table.

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  • 2005-04-28 - OCJ: jide example corrected
  • 2006-05-17 - OCJ: CompositeDataset replaced by HifiVectorDataset
  • 2006-09-11 - OCJ: HifiVectorDataset replaced by HifiPipelineProduct
  • 2006-12-07 - OCJ: HifiPipelineProduct replaced by HifiTimelineProduct
  • 2010-11-04 - OCJ: Old examples from Jide removed