1.46. doHrsFFT

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs.DoHrsFFTTask
Alias: doHrsFFT
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs import DoHrsFFTTask

HIFI/Pipeline/HRS Pipeline


Step9: Task which applies a Fourier Transform processing to the correlation functions of HRS.

Gets the type of Fourier algorithm, and applies it to the correlation functions to obtain HRS spectra. The type of Fourier algorithm can be selected with:

  • algo = "DFT": Direct Fourier Transform

  • algo = "FFT": Fast Fourier Transform

IMPORTANT NOTE: no further calibrations can be made on correlation functions after this step, as they are replaced by spectra within the same columns.


Example 1: In HIPE
from herschel.hifi.pipeline.hrs import *
htp = HifiTimelineProduct(df, hk)
doHrsQDCFull(htp=htp, cal=calHrsQDCFull)
doHrsPowCorr(htp=htp, cal=calHrsPowCorr)
doHrsWindow(htp=htp, window="hanning")
doHrsSymm(htp=htp, zeros="multiple")
doHrsFFT(htp=htp, algo="DFT")


The option algo = "FFT" is not yet available.

API details


HifiTimelineProduct htp [INOUT, MANDATORY, default=No default value]

The HifiTimelineProduct which contains the HRS spectra.

String algo [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default="DFT"]

The indicator to select the type of Fourier Transform: "DFT" or "FFT".

See also


  • 2006-05-17 - OCJ: CompositeDataset replaced by HifiVectorDataset
  • 2006-09-11 - OCJ: HifiVectorDataset replaced by HifiPipelineProduct
  • 2006-12-07 - OCJ: HifiPipelineProduct replaced by HifiTimelineProduct
  • 2010-11-04 - OCJ: Old examples from Jide removed