1.97. level1Pipeline

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.generic.Level1PipelineTask
Alias: level1Pipeline
Type: Jython Task - Jython Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.generic import Level1PipelineTask

HIFI/Pipeline/Level 1 Pipeline




Example 1: Level1PipelineTask
# Examples:
# level1Pipeline(obs=obs)
# or process only one apid:
# or process an htp:
# level1Pipeline(htp=htp)

API details


PyFunction algo [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=default=]

The algorithm for the level1 pipeline.

Integer apid [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=No default value]

ApID as available in the observation context to be processed. Expected value: 1028, 1029, 1030, 1031. Used in combination with passing obs to the task.

ObservationContext obs [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=(alternative to htp)]

The observation context to be processed, in input Level 0.5, in Output Level 1

HifiTimelineProduct htp [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=(alternative to obs)]

The HifiTimelineProduct to be processed.

Not yet in use for the default algo applied here cal [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=no default value]
PipelineConfiguration params [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=No default value]

A map of level 1 and 2 pipeline tasks and their parameters

type palStore [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=no default value]
Boolean gui [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=default=False.]

only used for a test progress bar. TBD . If the progress bar is displayed or not.

Boolean removeLevel05 [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=default=True.]

If set to true the level 0.5 is removed once the level 1 pipeline was successful.