1.16. checkPhases

Full Name: herschel.hifi.pipeline.generic.CheckPhasesTask
Alias: checkPhases
Type: Java Task - Java Task
Import: from herschel.hifi.pipeline.generic import CheckPhasesTask

HIFI/Pipeline/Level 1 Pipeline


Checks with science and hot/cold datasets for Chopper-, LoFrequency- and buffer-patterns to be compliant

with observing mode. For DBS and FastDBS modes the pointing information is also analyzed.

The module checks the columns for the patterns ABBA, ABAB, CONST. Further information is provided on what values are observed these columns and what values the sequences start with. The information is written to a table dataset: For each dataset, the information is written into one row.

Depending on the observing mode, the following patterns are expected (on a per dataset basis):

  • Position Switch: Chopper, buffer, LoFrequency: CONST

  • DBS: Chopper and buffer: ABBA, LoFrequency: CONST

  • FastDBS: Chopper and buffer: ABAB, LoFrequency: CONST

  • FSwitch: LoFrequency and buffer: ABBA, Chopper: CONST

  • LoadChop: Chopper and buffer: ABBA, LOFrequency: CONST

If the observing mode cannot be identified, no logs are created.

Suitable log messages are created. Suitable quality flags are added to the meta data of the datasets (by using HifiQualityEnum's).


Example 1: in HIPE:
checkPhases = CheckPhasesTask()
calPhases = checkPhases(htp=htp)

API details


HifiTimelineProduct htp [INPUT, MANDATORY, default=no default Value]

The timeline product (observation) to be passed to the module.

CalPhases cal [OUTPUT, OPTIONAL, default=No default Value]

Calibration product including information about patterns found in the houskeeping data.

MapContext calibration [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=no default value]

Parameter to pass a calibration context from which all the calibration input, here the chopper positions, can be retrieved.

PipelineConfiguration params [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=no default value]

Pipeline configuration parameters that can be passed to the task.

Boolean ignore [INPUT, OPTIONAL, default=no default value]

Flag to indicate whether the execution of the module should be ignored.

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